Mind is Blown. Insanely Awesome Results! #Paleo


Wow. What can I say – I was worried that hitting all the different aspect of my current health issues all at one time would be troublesome for addressing the adrenal fatigue. In addition, I was having food baby and GI distress every evening (figured it was GAPS die-off). Mentioned the issues to my Mom, and she let me try some of her digestive enzymes. Had an amazing dinner last night (first time my back has allowed me to travel to her home in 6 months!), and no food baby or GI distress afterwards. Score. So, adding digestive enzymes to my efforts.

Ok – so why is my mind blown? Well, OMG on the health issues, right? Every time I’ve ever attacked my blood sugars in the past, I’ve never concurrently addressed all these other health concerns – and I’ve *never* seen my fasting #’s recover like they are. After-meals, yes, for sure. But, the fasting has always been stubborn. Fasting was 133 for the doctor-run blood tests drawn on Wednesday of last week. I’ve seen 120-137 shortly after awakening the days after that. Yesterday was 111. This morning was 103. That’s what – 2-3 days of low-carb bringing my fasting down 30 points!?

Wow. Amazing! I really hope nothing else crops up, but I feel like I’ve addressed all the problems I’m aware of.

I heard from my doctor the day my results came in, as expected. She’s moved up the next round of tests for 3 months out, not 6. So – I’m hunkering down for doing all of this for those 3 months and see what happens. My feeling is that if I can do all of this, address the health issues, and not lose my hair like the last time I did very low-carb (I’m now taking biotin in addition to concentrating on nutrient density of my food choices) then I can see doing this longer-term. Maybe hit under 200 pounds for the first time since high school!? *SQUEE*

2 Responses to “Mind is Blown. Insanely Awesome Results! #Paleo”

  1. What brand of digestive enzymes? I’ve been researching them and the reviews are so back-and-forth I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spend the money.

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