Grab a Seat & a Coffee, This is Gonna be a Long One


My last post left us all in a world where I was going to have back surgery to repair a herniated disc. Well… that got rescheduled with a new surgeon for various reasons, which necessitated a new consult.. and the new guy and I decided it was no longer in my best interests to go under the knife. Self-recovery time from a herniated disc is like 6-12 months, and I’m now in the 6th month. When we consulted with the first guy, and told them to put us on the schedule, it was a knife’s edge whether to go for it or not – I still had some loss of muscle tone in my right leg, numbness, pain – I’d laugh or turn funny and I’d suffer, I couldn’t go on any drive more than a half hour without paying for it for a week, and I really couldn’t exercise. Today is my would-have-been surgery date. Since I’m posting from my couch, and not my hospital bed, we can all assume, the above knife’s edge stuff has resolved. Don’t get me wrong – if I find myself re-injuring that herniated disc, I’ll be first in line w/ the surgeons. 4-6 week recovery time vs. 6+ months? Yeah – no contest. My goal is to make it the 12 months from when I really felt like I could skip surgery without re-injuring. Hopefully that will give the disc time to heal.

I am also glad I’m not having surgery for some other reasons. Starting with my discovery of magnesium deficiency that had been contributing to my back pain cycles, I’ve come to discover a veritable slew of other problems I can directly link to the 13 months of abject stress and pain starting when I went to Colorado to help my Dad with his last few weeks on Earth. Overlapping stressors – Dad dying, marital issues, my son broke his thigh, then my back became a huge roadblock. I had some blood tests for the hospital scheduled to perform the surgery – typing, etc, and the bruises from that were pretty big, and did not fade as expected. So, vitamin C is now part of my supplementation. I had to more than double the RDA to start seeing progress with those bruises. (Happily, though, blood tests I had done just a couple of days ago, the site never developed a bruise!)

Somewhere along the line, I start noticing a lot more symptoms. I’m gaining weight like it’s going out of style – but I haven’t changed my food. I’m crabby. Weepy. Stressed out reactions beyond what’s fitting for the situation. I delved deeper. Consult with nutritionalists, psychologists, get blood tests done – some routine, some for nutritional stuff. Ready?

I have adrenal fatigue. Magnesium and Vitamin C deficiency – that I know of. I have low-progesterone. & the icing on the cake? The Diabetes is back – thank goodness not bad enough to warrant insulin or anything. There are some other not-so-good things, my cholesterol is headed the wrong way. But, others are improving – my BP is now in the normal range w/ normal intake of meds, vs the pain/stress-driven 160/110+ stuff. My kidneys seem to be holding their own.

My A1C is still ok – 5.5. Up from the last test of 5.4, so not horrible. However, my fasting BG went from 105 to 133. Significant. Worrisome.

As I said, I really haven’t changed my eating. I’ve been going between the Paleo Keto stuff, w/ GAPS recipes, and mixing in some maintenance level w/ birthday celebrations. Nothing there to scream that my fasting should get so high so quickly, and with the A1C not having gone up proportionally, it says my after-meal numbers are still pretty much where they were.

So, I go down that research path – Dawn Phenomenon or Somogyi? DP is related to cortisol, hey, I’ve got Adrenal Fatigue, so maybe that’s it. It’s still pretty early days, but I’ve been testing my BG at home more, and it looks like all of them are going up, it was just too soon to see that on the A1C (3 month average). This would explain, in part, the weight regain.

Basically, I’m starting all over again. I’m not as sick as I was when my health was at it’s worst – I still feel good, but I know what will happen if I don’t nip this shit in the bud. I may not feel as sick in some ways – not all my health problems have returned, nor has all the weight I’d lost, but I’m aware of new and different issues now. But, who’s to say I didn’t have these issues at the time, too? Knowledge is a powerful thing.

I’m on a ton of supplements again. Today I get to start research/menu-planning on what I’m going to eat. Gonna stay Paleo, of course. But, need to lower the carbs. Anything my body will have trouble processing right now, needs to stop for a time. I was hoping to avoid that eventuality, with the adrenal fatigue, I didn’t want to stress myself further with a strict plan, and felt GAPS offered more healing options. I’ll just have to skip the carrots and taters in my stews for a while. lol. More greens and mushrooms.

I’m trying hard not to be angry at the people and events that contributed to my stress load from last year. That’s just wasted energy, really. Energy better put to use getting all this ‘fixed’ again. I did it once, I can do it again!

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