Still No Surgery Date; Progress Report. #Paleo


Day by day, as I sit waiting for a call to schedule my back surgery, I get better, stronger, in less pain, etc. The other day I felt stable enough to attempt some ‘moves’ and I was successful in a full squat – plus standing up unassisted, w/ both legs powering, and no scaling. Huge. Also did about 30 second plank hold. Now – when I did my first EVER plank, I couldn’t hold it for 30 seconds, so this, also – HUGE. So far, there have been no repercussions from those two moves. I did have to take a few stairs the last couple of days & was super mindful – noticed that I definitely have reduced strength/stability on my right side, but how much of that is because of the pinched nerves/permanent damage, and how much is just because I had almost no muscle firing in that leg for over a month? We’ll see. I have decided to – in a controlled environment – use a step stool for my right leg only to ‘even up the sides’ and see if the strength is regain-able. I will also increase my squats and planks on a daily basis. No burpees, just yet. lol

What to do about surgery?? Well, if I continue to subsist at this level, or even improve, I see no need to go under the knife. The surgeon said your body reabsorbs disc material, so if you can ‘fix’ the mis-alignment of the spine causing the herniation, then, with time – you should repair. Of course, optimal nutrition plays a role in repairing and lowering the inflammation to keep things bendy and pain-free. Use bone broths and trusted-source gelatins, offal – especially liver, sweet potatoes, greens, cod liver oil, magnesium (flakes/oil, epsom salt baths, supplements), etc. Rest. Stretching/foam rolling. Massage. etc. I’m really hoping to get to a point where I can do some yoga. Maybe Tai Chi. *ZEN*

I’m also interested in learning more about the physiology behind my recurring back problems. I learned this last time so much with regards to how to incorporate core stability in my daily life – not just CrossFit/exercise. I also learned that my left side was not engaging. My left glute was not attending the party & I’m often to be seen now w/ my hands on my tush as I walk to make sure I’m using both sides. lol. 

I feel like maybe, just maybe, I can close the door on this last, extremely painful episode & move on without surgery and with even more ammo in my fight for optimal life. As I look back on the last 13+ years of ‘weight loss journey’ I see all the different pieces that have come to me in order to make my success to date happen. All told, it’s too much to absorb in a short time frame, so I’m grateful that I had time to learn it all. 

Creating an optimal body composition, health profile, scale weight (if there is such a thing), and mind/body partnership is the journey – and it’s epically vast what all of that truly encompasses. We each battle our inner demons and external pressures. Some fight with hormonal imbalances or lifelong nutritional deficiencies or food allergies/intolerances. Food and food-like substances have become a huge battleground in our day. We fight for the bee, the cow, the carnivorous chicken, and the fish. We fight for us and our children and our grandchildren. 

We the people want to be optimal, even if we don’t know it – because our judgement is clouded by Cheetos dust. 

Fight the good fight. 

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