Playing the Waiting Game.. #surgery #paleo


So, I had my surgery consult Tuesday. Spent the rest of that day sort of processing the emotions and thoughts it all stirred up. Wednesday, we’ll call “Fun with Migraines”.

I’m not an organized thinker, so bear w/ me.

1. My surgeon knows his shit. I learned so much – about my own situation as well as just general spine stuff. I wonder if you get college credits for that?

2. I am going to have a microdiscectomy sometime in the coming months – it’s all on the scheduler dude & finding me an opening.

3. The fact that I was bedridden a couple of days, and in such considerable pain for months (if not most of the last 3+ years) is much more understandable to me now.

4. I am in for an interesting time for the foreseeable future.

5. I have considerable power to determine how that future proceeds & how much suffering I experience.

So – my back is fucked up. That’s the technical term. Seriously. Basically, I have three discs in my lower back – L3-L4 through L5-S1 that are deteriorating. They are already desiccated. One of them is escaping it’s pen – a LOT. The other two are bulging. I have arthritis in those joints as well. The herniated disc, according to the surgeon is nearly 2 centimeters down the front of the vertebrae. A full on 80% of the material has escaped into my spinal canal and that’s what’s been pushing on the nerves in there, making my right leg numb and weak.

They can fix me – to some extent. We’re going to do a microdiscectomy, and remove all that wayward disc material. And, yes, my chiro is adamant that this is a good idea after reviewing my MRI and xrays.

According to my surgeon, the discs will continue to desiccate and deteriorate until those involved vertebrae perform their own natural fusion. Again – something my doctors and I agree on is that process is better off happening naturally, versus surgically.

So – I get over this hurdle with the herniated disc. Heal up. Keep Paleo for the rest of my life to keep inflammation in line and continue to lose weight to be kind to my spine. Exercise, especially core stability and leg strength, and I should be able to weather the rest of my back’s fusion process with limited intervention aside from maybe pain management, chiro, etc.

I’m ‘on the list’ for this surgery, but also on the standby list. The scheduling dude says it could be May before I get an opening, but it could be next week. Won’t know until I get the call. So, in order to be as ready as possible, I’m taking the pre-surgery recommendations and abstaining from alcohol, advil, aspirin, excedrine, etc. I could have tylenol, but my allergic reaction to the carnauba wax is pretty strong & it would have to be pretty bad for me to consider going there. Yesterday, the day of the migraine, I tried just Tramadol alone, but it really doesn’t seem to do much for the inflammation. Thankfully, I am seeing someone in the spine department to discuss pain management today. I was offered a steroid injection, but that doesn’t appear to be a good idea for my blood sugar or blood pressure control.

I’ve already spent hours researching what I can do to give myself the best chances & ways I can make it easier for my family to ‘cook’ and keep us all eating Paleo while I am unable to get up & cook for everyone. I’m giving myself an early birthday present and getting a pressure cooker this next week, so I can make tons of bone broth for during recovery. I’ve also asked my Mom to pick me up a ton of bacon and brats because my husband rocks at making brats, and bacon is the magic meat. I’ve also got an order pending for a few pounds of grass-fed beef liver. Between that and the gelatin in the bone broth and the magic meat, I’m predicting a speedy recovery. :)

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