Paradigm Shift: Fatty getting Fat again, or I’m gaining weight!


So, at what point in your journey will you make the shift? Will you always be the person you were the second you decided to be that person no more? Is that your ‘normal’? So, if life intervenes you are just returning to that ‘norm’? Or, will you eventually *BE* a new person? Will you sit at a lower weight long enough for that to be your new ‘norm’ and then you see gaining some weight as *gaining* and not regaining the old fat?

Might take a few years, but if you are making this a lifestyle and resetting all you are to a new ‘normal’, then you will find your perspective changing. You gain confidence to sit in chairs that you’d normally eye & move on.

Shallow Hal


You don’t think of Lane Bryant when you need to go clothes shopping. You don’t see Fatty staring back at you in the mirror anymore.

Life happens, though – and some handle that better than others. It is interesting when it happens. The clothes start to get tight. Your joints hurt a bit more. But, it’s not tinged with the same angst that is regaining all the weight. It’s got an angst all it’s own.

And, hopefully you snap the *F* out of it before you regain everything & then some. That’s some serious depression and apathy over time. You can’t regain 100 pounds overnight, either. You have to work at that.

I am lucky in that I just can’t go back to how bad I was eating before. For one – the price of junk food has gone up a lot. ;)

Because of my experience when I joined CrossFit – not changing my food, just adding the exercise and seeing just how much ‘weight’ I lost from activity alone, I know that the reciprocal ‘regain’ is due to the inactivity of losing CrossFit and being bedridden. The rest, well, that’s up to eating less-than-clean Paleo. Right now, that’s all I can change, though.

So, I did. I’m just over 24 hours into a reset. The odd thing is it felt ‘natural’ for me to do so, in that some of the non-Paleo stuff I was eating started tasting like sawdust. I am not expecting miracles, because I can’t be active right now, but I can stop digging myself towards Fatty. Just not interested in being there again.

I am a new me and I want to maintain that. & I’m doing it before I break any chairs w/ my ass.

4 Responses to “Paradigm Shift: Fatty getting Fat again, or I’m gaining weight!”

  1. 1 Anonymous

    The badfoods, to me, never get to where they taste like sawdust. I have made the paradigm shift, though, and I can look at them wistfully but not put them in my mouth.

    So my Q for you is “What is going to make you stay on clean-paleo?” or perhaps “What’s tipped you over the edge into eating the not-good goodies?” You’ve said you’re going to stay on track in the past.

    In orderto make it a paradigm shift maybe you eed to examine (hiobnestyly) what triggers you?

    • I do go back and forth, the paradigm shift isn’t in how I see Paleo in my life, but how I see my body. I made the shift to ‘this is for life’ years ago. It’s the main reason I’ve lost what I have and not regained it – a feat I haven’t been even close to seeing in all my years low-carbing. I subsisted on ~60% to get through some tough times last year, and I’ve struggled to drag myself out of the depression caused by my back/pain, etc, in order to get back to clean eating. Clean is what I need to make progress towards my body composition goals. 75% keeps my health in check. So, I do have some fail-safes. And some weaknesses – I am human afterall.

    • A huge part of this last few months has been a battle between wanting/needing to do better & just not being physically able to spend time in the kitchen. As much as I enjoy it, I can’t eat In N Out everyday. lol

  1. 1 Paradigm Shift: Fatty getting Fat again, or I’m gaining weight! | Paleo Digest

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