Update & A Decision is Made Regarding Surgery


I have decided that if it’s offered to me as a viable option, I will be having surgery to treat the herniated disc. Then, I will do what I know how to do to keep the other discs I found out are ‘bulging’ from getting as bad as the herniated one.

Today I went to Kaiser to put in some paperwork to get a CD of both the MRI results and xrays to give to my chiropractor. I was able to walk out with a printout of the doctor-speak reports for both the MRI and the X-ray, too.


L3-4: Right paracentral disc extrusion measuring 7mm anterior to posterior. The extrusion extends 1.6 cm caudal to the disc space. L4-5: Loss of disc height with disc desiccation. 3mm annular disc bulge with posterior high intensity zone/annular fissure. L5-S1: Same as L4-5.

*goes to google some of that*

There’s something to be said for layman’s terms. lol

Basically – Multilevel degenerative disc disease and facet anthropathy contributes to mild bilateral neural foraminal narrowing, most pronounced on the right at L3-4 level.

*head asplodes*

I’ll probably go in to the surgeons’ office on the 26th and ask him to explain it to me like I’m a 4 year old.

According to the MRI and xray results, I have several discs off kilter – not just one. In order to get myself back to a point where I can walk and do exercises to strengthen/stabilize my core (and therefore my spine) I need this herniated disc fixed & as much regeneration of the nerves as possible. I would really love to have all the feeling return in my leg, but I will try to be grateful for whatever I get.

It’s my hope that I can avoid surgery in the future with what I’m learning now in physical therapy and with paleo and core stability workouts. I feel better about surgery to fix the major current issue than taking on surgery to try to remedy everything. I’ll update again after my consult w/ the surgeon.


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