MRI Results; Options; Time to make a Pro/Con List


So, I had my MRI yesterday, and I already got the call from my neurologist w/ the results: verdict – herniated disc. He’s giving me a referral to a surgeon to discuss options. Hubby and I have talked. I will talk to my Chiro, too. Already talked to my Physical Therapist (who says I’m ready for the spinal conditioning class, btw).

It is my opinion that this boils down to a two-sided issue – one, being the physical/structural defect – i.e., the herniated disc; two, the lifestyle factors like diet (inflammation) and soft-tissue strength – i.e.. core stability. It is my experience these last three years that the ‘exercise’ and ‘diet’ portions of the program will only get my recovery so far. We look at what caused this – the original injury 15 years ago. At the time, I did a year of chiropractor visits and physical therapy, being told at the end of it that I was ‘permanent and stationary’, i.e. “Disabled” and would not experience any further improvement in my condition.

So – my options are some form of surgery and/or further chiropractic visits. I need to know how much I could expect to improve with just Chiro & the diet & exercise vs what surgery could potentially do for me & then do some benefit/risk analysis.

In a perfect world, I could get a bionic disc & support that new status with Paleo and CrossFit. Somewhere between there and where I live in reality, is a status we’ll have to work hard to determine & realize. lol

If you’ve had experience with a herniated disc, I would love to hear from you about your experience with your chosen treatment path. Thanks!

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  1. If there’s an Egoscue practitioner near you, I’d strongly recommend you check them out. A year ago, I could walk about 75 steps before I’d need to sit down and then I herniated a disk after a trip out west. An orthopedic surgeon wanted to fuse four of my lumbar vertabrae, but the recovery seemed so daunting I was put off. A commenter on my blog suggested Egoscue, and I started going weekly. It took a while, but a few months later, I walked my first mile. I totally recommend trying it out before going under the knife. [Apologies if this is a duplicate.]

  2. 3 Jeannette

    I have just discovered your blog & have been reading past entries. What an inspiration! Thank you for being so open, honest, real. I have been putting off my Paleo restart; I know it works, why don’t I choose to feel better? Maybe I can use your experience to be the additional nudge I seem to need.

    • It does work and you will do it when you are ready to feel awesome and be healthy. Let me know if I can help. I’m a pretty good cheerleader. :)

  3. 5 Rani

    This is good news; now you know basically what’s going on & that it’s treatable, even though which direction is still TBD.

    What dietary changes do you figure on ?

    • I will start with clean paleo. Really not sure what I need beyond that. It’s possible that something along the lines of autoimmune will help more. Just need to give it a shot.

  4. Have you heard of Structural Integration? It was developed by Ida Rolf.
    Another suggestion is essential oils to help you with the pain (wintergreen/ anything w/ salycilic acid) and peppermint oil (which helps regenerate nerve tissue- my mom had an issue with her hand and she used peppermint oil a few times a day for months (6 or so) and it worked!

    Please, please, please don’t go for surgery! The body can heal itself if given the proper nutrients and kept clean.

  1. 1 MRI Results; Options; Time to make a Pro/Con List | Paleo Digest

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