People have Power – Let the Cheerleaders get through, not the D-Bags!


I almost dove off a very high cliff last night. Thank goodness for amazing friends, a supportive & sexy husband, and Jose (Cuervo!). For about a nanosecond (ok, 10 minutes!) I was tempted to chuck it ALL – being Paleo, the blog, online presence, etc. Bye-bye bacon undies!

So, as you know, it’s taken me a while to come to terms with how the last couple of years have gone. I’d finally gotten it in my head that I had, in fact, succeeded in a place I’d never done so before! And, some articles started popping up about female body image in the Paleosphere. Wow, you ladies rock, btw. We really never know what someone is going through until they choose to share their journey. I urge you to read this blog post, this one, and this one, too! This was all to the good, truthfully, until some comments on a FB share of one of those articles plunged me into the foulest mood I’ve experienced in years. I have already unfriended the offending person (and believe me, my beef with them isn’t limited to this single experience), and I’m slowly regaining my feelings of self-worth. Warning – rant to follow. Might be cussing. Srsly. ;)

What pisses me right the fuck off is why the FUCK can’t people just be supportive!? What do you gain by being a D-bag and tearing people down? You know the only people who do that shit? The ones who think their shit don’t stink. Those who think they have the only way to do a certain thing and you are *flawed* to do it any other way!

FUCK THAT SHIT! No single person has this figured out 100% – you know why? Shit doesn’t stay stationary. We don’t live in bubbles. We have lives. Environments – home, work, school. Family, friends, social structures. Roadblocks – injury, illness, or worse. Best of all – we have flaws. Those who succeed aren’t the ones that get it right 100% all the fucking time – the ones who truly succeed keep trying no matter what. If something doesn’t work, they try something else.

More fucking power to you if you can be a fucking Paleo robot. & the fucking recommendations between those kinds of people still differ, so you’d think they’d agree that there’s no magic fucking recipe.

What kills me is their attitude runs a lot of people off Paleo. We need more cheerleaders and less D-bags. More people out there saying “You can do this!” and supporting you while you find YOUR Paleo sweet spot. More people understanding of the shit we have to slog through to get to goal & stay there. This is the #1 reason I ultimately chose a woman for my personal trainer/coach/cheerleader. No offense to the guys, but your balls don’t cause you as much potential dietary-impacting trouble as ours do. & usually, the kids stuff falls to us – breeding, birthing, and raising. You want to talk about stress. & it’s not just about eating all of Junior’s leftovers from his 10 meals a day, or even the 5 daily trips to McD’s for nuggets (how’s that for a stereotype). I’ve said before that I’ll probably have too much extra body fat as long as I have kids. Yeah – so, like for ever. rofl

I’m not trying to say I have more stress than other people. Maybe I just handle stressors badly. Fuck it. In the end, whatever my excuses, I’ve still managed to bring myself to this point, health & body composition-wise. No one has permission to minimize that but me! So, all you D-bags better take note – the Paleo ladies are fighting back. & we’ve been lifting weights!! lol

I will also say again – orthorexia or not, fanatical or militant thinking is a sign to me that someone is missing some key nutrients.

Now, where’d I leave my fucking pom-poms! MUAH!!

ETA: A much more eloquent blog post, with much less colorful language about this very subject.

12 Responses to “People have Power – Let the Cheerleaders get through, not the D-Bags!”

  1. 1 45and304

    I heard it said in a song that people are strange. The end.

    I am definitely with you though…people who jump on others because they eat mayo, or whatever the “thing” is. Who cares I say? I do what works for me!

    • So true – we all do what’s comfortable/right for us; what gets us results. I guess it’s a continuing process – determining our plan, and weeding out the negative people.

  2. 3 hi maintenance

    You’re right! They’re missing some kind of nutrients…and a BRAIN! I think you’re doing great, and nobody can minimize THAT either…

    • Thanks! You’re rocking it, too, Phyllis! Did you get a chance to look at Mom’s copy of Make it Paleo?

  3. 5 goka1701

    As Coco Chanel said, “I don’t care what you think about me. I don’t think about you at all.”

    They’re not worth your mental energy. Hope that doesn’t come across as patronizing! I think they’re scared shitless, frankly. Powerful women who reject cultural conditioning? Yep, that’s pretty freaking terrifying. :)

    Cheers to taking over the world.

    • You are so very right. It’s like putting on armor. I guess if I didn’t have nagging doubts about myself, these kind of people wouldn’t get to me. There are certain pieces of the armor that are perfect. I’ve been doing this for a while, so I know I’m on the right path. I worry about the people who are so new that they don’t have any of that certainty. They could be scared off and lose out on better health.
      Thanks for visiting my blog! You are amazing!!

  4. 7 charity

    Thank you! You hit the nail on the head with this.

  5. 9 Amy

    WOO RAH!!!!

  6. 11 erintakescontrol

    I gave up swearing for Lent, but that doesn’t mean I can’t read it. :-)

    This problem of people being judgmental of others extends beyond any community; paleo, weight loss, bloggers, etc. I hate to bash my own kind, but women are often petty and dramatic.That may explain why I have no real significant female friendships. Also, I think that when you increase the number of “labels” involved (paleo, weight loss, and women, for example), you’ve got a real finger-pointing good time waiting to happen. Another reason I tend to lurk on the paleo blogs? I’m one of the few fat kids in the paleo pool. I may look like the ancient fertility art lady, but I am just as worthy of eating paleo as anyone else.

    • Fuck, yeah! ;) Eat the way that optimizes your health. Most people think that means you’ll get to optimal body fat like instantly. At least we get to enjoy the better health while we do whittle down a bit. :D

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